About Our Business

For our new clients we can take your specific needs and format a
presentation in English
or Romanian.  We would then take that
format and then train our corporate clients as to how they can do
the presentation themselves or for a reasonable fee to include
travel expenditures, we will present their presentation for them
with their target audience.

We can also use our skills to provide legal documentation for
inventions applying for a patent.

For our corporate or individual clients who need an accident
reconstructed for evidence to prove guilt or innocence we can use
the modern technology and methods to prove needed facts in a
court of law   .

Our vision for our company and you as our client is to provide the
necessary services to accomplish successful completion of
presenting your product or evidence to the target audience. The
only way we will be successful is by making you successful.

A brief history of our company includes over 25 years as a
practicing physician, 15 years as an engineer in various fields of
mechanical, electrical and biomedical engineering and 10 years
as a teacher setting up lesson plans and presentations for public
About Us
Dr. Any Drollinger , Pediatrics and
Homeopathy Specialist
Mr. Robert Drollinger, MSBE, CEO
Constantin Popoiu:
Electrical Engineering